Classic Muffin Gift Box

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A selection of Bakers + Baristas handmade, classic muffins. A delicious treat for the whole family or a gift to send to your special someone to put a smile on their face.

Our Muffins Are Baked Fresh And Frozen Ahead Of Delivery To Protect Their Beautiful Appearance. We Recommend That You Order Your Muffins A Day Before Your Celebration. 

Our Muffins are subject to availability and will be substituted if a Muffin is out of stock. 

Includes 6 x Freshly Baked Muffins:

Chunky Chocolate Chip

Light and fluffy plain muffin with rich chocolate chunks.

Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya. May Contain: Nuts, peanuts.

Apple & Raspberry

Light and fluffy plain muffin filled with juicy raspberries and apples.

Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide. May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts.

Sticky Toffee

Light and fluffy plain muffin with delicious toffee pieces. Hand decorated with luxurious caramel icing.

Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Sulphur Dioxide. May Contain: Soya, Nuts, Peanuts.


Light and fluffy plain muffin filled with fresh blueberries. 

Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk. May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts.

Polka Dot

Light and fluffy plain muffin topped with delicious milk chocolate beans.

Contains: Gluten (Wheat), Egg, Milk, Soya. May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts.

Double Chocolate

Indulgent chocolate muffin filled with chocolate chunks. Hand decorated with vanilla frosting and chocolate malted balls.

Contains: Gluten (Wheat, Barley), Egg, Milk, Soya. May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts.

Our products are made in an busy environment where GLUTEN, EGG, SOYA, MILK, NUTS PEANUTS and other ALLERGENIC ingredients are used. Due to the nature of our food operation, we cannot fully guarantee that any food will be 100% completely free from any allergens.

All muffins are suitable for vegetarians.

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Classic Muffin Gift Box
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